Quotes for Friday from Ola Rotimi's The Gods Are not to Blame II

This is a continuation of the 'proverbial quotes', which began last week.

All lizards lie prostrate: how can a man tell which lizard suffers from bellyache? In time, the pain will make one of them lie flat on its back, then shall that which has been unknown be made known.
Page 23

A chicken eats corn, drinks water, swallows pebbles, yet she complains of having no teeth. If she had teeth, would she eat gold? Let her ask the cow who has teeth yet eats grass.
Page 26

Is it not ignorance that makes the rat attack the cat?
Page 28

The hyena flirts with the hen, the hen is happy, not knowing that her death has come.
Page 29

The lion's liver is vain wish for dogs
Page 37

Because the farm-owner is slow to catch the thief, the thief calls the farm-owner thief.
Page 46

The mangrove tree dwells in the river, but does that make it a crocodile?
Page 51

Can the cockroach be innocent in a gathering of fowls?
Page 53

The toad likes water, but not when the water is boiling
Page 60

Secrets of the owl must not be known in daylight
Page 62

When the wood-insect gathers sticks on its own head it carries them.
Page 72


  1. The Spirit:-Mmo: It is very painful, shocked and bewilderment too, concerning Ola Rotimi's sudden death. In fact it was a great loss, to Nigerians, Africa and the entire world as a whole. Such a patriotic, Actor, Poet, Novelist, ICON and a genius too. Anyway, God knows the best concerning life and death....Bye. It's a great loss!!

  2. I used to have these quotes but thanks to you I found them here.

  3. I player the role of Odewale in secondary school. It was a girls only school . Best moment of my life

  4. The butterfly seeing himself a bird

  5. The butterfly seeing himself a bird

  6. This is what I've been looking for all this while.
    Keep it coming.


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