Proverb Monday, #29

Proverb: Yεnim sε Kɔrmante bεbere a, anka y'antete no abunu ansεe no.
Meaning: If we knew that Kɔrmante would become "ripe", we would not have eaten it green.
Context: The oath of Kɔrmante is one of the most serious in Asante. The Asante army toiled hard to beat the Kɔrmante people but finally found them submissive. Hence: if you had known that something would end up being easy, you would not have put so much effort into it.
No. 4363 in Bu me Bε by Peggy Appiah et al.


  1. Oh, I really like this one, and think that it's very true. Thanks for sharing it with me, Nana!

  2. Great oath & one that's highly relevant to most peoples lives .

  3. @Zibilee... yet we would never know...

  4. @PL... yes, very relevant... sometimes we destroy things we need not to.


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