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Niger and Mamadou Tandja

Last year, when I became more active on this blog, I started writing articles, reviewing books and posting poems. This blog became an amalgam of posts with no clear direction. The motive behind this was to get as many readers as possible and to provide a wide range of reading materials for my followers. In this way if my reading is affected, as it has been now, then I would resort to other posts to keep the blog running. However, I realised that I needed a direction, one major vision to which all posts would gravitate. So I posted a poll (which by the way is still running) for readers, followers and visitors to express their thoughts and vote for the direction of this blog. As it stands now, only 9% of my readers are interested in articles on politics (the least percentage). Thus, to continue with this post I must apologise to my readers. I am sorry for taking you to politics though it least interest you. However, like Socialism and Capitalism, there is no absoluteness of visions. Mixt


From that quintessential lamb that multiple cell structure formed within time’s womb, our fractured minds sailed through blackholes and galaxies timeframes and timelines through stalactites and stalagmites of icy revolutions through fractal rays hidden within ancestral catacombs and then we are reborn: a single-cell structure with no mitochondria to power our minds: (Our inverted ontogeny becomes the allegory of our being) the consciousness of our existence perceived through the lubs and dubs in the heart of the city and through: Suicide Bombings Missile Testing God Killings. In this Century we are wiser by death. 22.08.2009 Note: The poll above shows that poems and book review are two activities on this blog that readers would want to see but I think I have received less comments on the poems than on my articles. Please let me know what you think about the poems I post.

Mosquito Hymns

Seporowa tunes silenced my ears as I danced Adowa with ancestral spirits under that towering Awoonor’s tree They sang somnolent hymns and I was lost amongst the cityscape Head…banging Tongue…hanging Feet…stamping Hands…clapping Was it a puff from my dead daddy or a two-tone tune from an unknown pack Let Handel handles his Messiah and the bees hum Beethoven’s fifth symphony The seporowa tunes remained silent to my censored senses as my lagging legs gyrated to some mystical lyrics that mutilated the tone of our village’s voice Hands…clapping Feet…stamping Tongue…rolling Head…trolling Soul…striving I paused to breath to seek directions to the door but here am I alone with some mosquito hymns buzzing my mind in a relentless discord of malfunctioning notes June 24, 2007 *Seporowa is a local musical instrument

To You Madiba

Today is exactly 20 years since Nelson Mandela was released from prison. This is a piece I wrote in 2005 for one of my heroes The seal, Patmos The deal, Robben Rolls of scrolls unfurl Things that must shortly come to pass One to reveal One to release One to die One to lead And when revealed die And when released lead. Through the Red Sea Through the wilderness To Canaan To Soweto …to freedom.

Abracadabra, Adabraka

Abracadabra, Adabraka you are in or you are out you are with us or against us but if the world is bipolar and unlike poles attract and if hell is fire what would heaven be, ice? then heaven would attract hell and the chemico-spiritual reaction would produce water which is neither ice nor fire Abracadabra, Adabraka people are not mad in every department of their brains; last night I saw a woman raped at the city centre do habits die with madness? Abracadabra, Adabraka there is nothing lingering on the periphery of my mind, yet I did not allow this nothingness into my thoughts what therefore is freewill? Abracadabra, Adabraka if there is a freewill I would will myself into a coconut or even a goat to escape god’s judgement of men 22.08.2009