The Blogger
I am Nana Fredua-Agyeman, from Accra, Ghana. I am an Agricultural Economist by profession and a Poet by passion. I keep three blogs: ImageNations, Haiku from Ghana, and Black Pathology (not related to my manuscript). Some of my Haiku poems have been published in magazines such as Frogpond, The Heron's Nest, Acorn etc and at e-zines such as simplyhaiku.com and Shamrock Haiku Journal. Currently, I have a manuscript of poems (not Haiku) titled BLACK PATHOLOGY. 

The Blog ImageNations
I started this blog in 2008 because I needed a place to post my poems for others to critique or to enjoy.  However, with time, the blog has morphed into a place where I share reviews of African Literary books I have read. Currently, I promote African Literature; hence, in addition to the reviews, I conduct interviews, post events, profile authors and their books, and many other literary issues.

Books I Review
The vision of this blog is to see the growth of African Literature. It is my hope that Africa would not be misrepresented by a few prejudiced minds; that Africans would begin to tell their stories. Consequently, presently it is my goal to review only African Literary works. However, I may, once in a while, throw in some non-African Literary works, depending on certain reasons that would be made at the time.

Note I:  For the avoidance of doubt ImageNations defines African Literature as any literary work - essays, novels, short stories, creative non-fiction, poetry, thesis, etc. - written by an African either on the continent or in the diaspora. In this way, an African is defined in geopolitical terms. Geographically, it encompasses all citizens from all the countries on the continent, politically it includes immigrants and first and second generation diasporan Africans. Citizenship is by birth - both parents or either one of them from the continent - or by naturalisation.

Note II: Because my reading has expanded beyond African books, reviews on this blog have expanded to include other non-African books; that is every book I read and gets reviewed will be on this blog. However, I do make the extra effort to give prominence to African books.
Caveat: My reviews are mine only. They reflect my feelings and understanding during and after reading the books. I don't pretend to present an in-depth study of the books I read. 

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