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The Talking Drum--To Kofi Ghanaba, the Divine Drummer

The drumbeater beats his drum pam pam pata pam pam calling upon the bold ones pam pam pata pam pam with encrypted messages pam pam pata pam pam thundering through the land pam pam pata pam pam pam.. pam... pata... pam... pam... the Kilimanjaro-conquering quantum soul of Nkrumah pam pam pata pam pam the Akwapem-meandering mountainous mind of Madiba pam pam pata pam pam the Tanganyika-twirling titanic tunes of the drummer pam pam pata pam pam not all gatherings of clouds lead to rains not all deaths are honoured by termites adept fingers alone do not make good music pam pam pata... his flesh is consumed by fire his soul consumes the fire pam... the drummer stops the beat stops the dance is over... PS: The indentations are not working properly. This is not the original structure of this poem. Copyright 2009 by Nana Fredua-Agyeman

Of Elections, Rigging and Protests

For some time now, every election which has been conducted has in one way or the other been alleged to reek of rigging and fraught with voter intimidation and oppression. It is not uncommon to find sitting governments complaining of rigged elections (as occurred in Ghana). However, complaints from oppositions have dominated the gubernatorial and parliamentary electoral scenes. One cannot forget so easily the Orange Revolution that shook Ukraine, which led to dioxin poisoning of the main opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko . There was a re-run of the election and Yushchenko won, but not without complaints from the government in power. Similarly, one can talk about the civil unrest that brought Thailand to its knees. These occurred in three phases. First there was a coup on September 19 2006 and led to the overthrow of Thaksin Shinawatra . During this period, supporters of the the ousted Prime Minister--The 'Red Shirts'--frequently held rallies and protests against the m

We Shall Overcome

This is a Primary school at Chiana in the Upper East Region.

2. Harmattan Rain, A Reading at Cuppa Cappuccino

Title: Harmattan Rain Author: Ayesha Harruna Attah Genre: Novel Publishers: Per Ankh Pages: 434 Year: 2008 ISBN: 978-2-9119928-12-1 Country: Ghana At the beginning of the year I decided to read more books than I did last year. My readings have been sporadic with more readings when I am away from academics and virtually nothing when I am in school. In spite of this, most of my readings have been fraught with western authors. Until last two weeks, my readings had included Mervyn Peak's Trilogy (Gormenghast etc); J.R.R. Tolkien (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy); Dean Koontz (False Memory, Darkfall, Whispers, Cold Fire, etc); Stephen King (Salems Lot, Needful Things, Dreamcatcher, Wizard and Glass, The Running Man, Different Seasons, Four Past Midnight, etc); Sidney Sheldon (Morning, Noon and Night, Windmills of the Gods, Master of the Game, Blood line, If Tomorrow Comes, The Sky has Fallen, etc), Dan Brown (Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons), J.K. Rowling (The Harry P

Notes from Our Actions

Last Friday, heaven opened its doors and there was a torrent. Though, relatively this can hardly be described as a torrent because it poured for only two hours. It cannot be compared with the countries that had experienced three days of continuous downpour such as Brazil and Madagascar. However, the report that followed in Monday's edition of the Daily Graphic (DG) indicates that this event, which portends bumper harvest for farmers and for which they have earnestly prayed, has wreak havoc on parts of the Accra, to a scale that is somehow comparable to hurricane Katrina or hurricane Ike--A hurricane from a two-hour downpour. Only in Ghana! Accra's perennial flooding has come to stay, yet it leaves the confines of our thoughts the very moment the sun unwillingly dries the waters. As the muddy clay dries up and erases every vestige of the havoc the rains wreaked so the memories of its devastation leaves our mind and our actions that caused the problem continues unabated, with re

1. Musings from 'No Easy Walk to Freedom' by Nelson Mandela

Title: No Easy Walk To Freedom Author: Nelson Mandela Genre: Current Affairs/Politics Publishers: Heinemann, African Writers Series Pages: 189 ISBN: 978-0435907822 Year: First published in 1965; this edition published in 1990 Country: South Africa "... Africans had no vote, no freedom of movement or civic rights, and they were being steadily deprived of their land. Africans (called 'kaffirs') had to take off their hats when passing White men and they were pushed off the pavements into the gutter if they did not know their place..." Editor's Note (page 17) "The Minister of Native Affairs, Dr Verwoerd, has been brutally clear in explaining the objects of the Bantu Education Bill. According to him the aim of this law is to teach our children that Africans are inferior to Europeans..." Nelson Mandela, NO EASY WALK TO FREEDOM, (page 26). The world loo