Quotes for Friday from Ola Rotimi's The Gods Are not to Blame I

Though the title says 'quotes', the following quotes are more of proverbs than quotes. The richness of a culture, the values a group of people hold and their philosophies, distilled through time tested means, are quickly learnt from their proverbs. And every culture has one.

It is not changing into the lion that is hard, it is getting the tail of a lion
Page 7

Kolanut last long in the mouths of them who value it
Page 7

Joy has a slender body that breaks too soon
Page 8

When the chameleon brings forth a child, is not that child expected to dance? As we have made you King, act as King.
Page 9

When the rain falls on the leopard, does it wash off its spots? Has the richness of kingly life washed off the love of our King for his people?
Page 10

My people. Children of our fathers. Sickness is like rain. Does the rain fall on one roof alone? No. Does it fall on one body and not on another? No. Whoever the rain sees, on him it rains. Does it not? It is the same with sickness. 
Page 10

It is sickness that man can cure, not death
Page 12

To get fully cured one needs patience. The moon moves slowly but by daybreak it crosses the sky.
Page 14

By trying often, the monkey learns to jump from tree to tree without falling.
Page 14

The horns cannot be too heavy for the head of the cow that must bear them.
Page 20

Until the rotten tooth is pulled out, the mouth must chew with caution.
Page 21

When the frog in front falls in pit, others behind take caution.
Page 23


  1. This drama will forever be one of my all time favorite and not to talk of its beautiful quote you outline above Nana. But to some extent the gods can be blamed for putting a curse on a little one who had done nothing to offend them.Have a great day and thanks again for the good job you've been doing

  2. @AAB... the gods could argue that they informed them of the curse. All that was needed was to get rid of the offending child. But then how do you fight the gods? they would always win. lol

  3. some wonderful quotes ,all the best stu

  4. My best friend ‘The gods are not to blame‘

    1. the god's are to be blame.everything was in the power of their hands they could create destinies and as well re-create it,just as the utterance of the almighty GOD can not be stopped.so there was no need giving the child to GBONKA to go and dump the he(odewale) into the forest.AND moreover you can never run away from destiny,if you have been created to be by your creator,you must surely be.SO THE god's are to be blame,for the inability to rewrite his destiny........

  5. The best of the best
    Ola rotimi

  6. truly my lifetime best. i liked when the men ate meat. Rotimi would say the bone marrow is good for the newly married men

  7. That was destiny. What befell Odewale was foretold by the Gods, and they were told at hand to help avert that evil but they refused.
    The Gods can predict our the future occurance and not not change destiny.


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