Quotes for Friday from Benjamin Kwakye's The Clothes of Nakedness

Today's quotes come from a book I would be reviewing next week The Clothes of Nakedness by Benjamin Kwakye.

If people would spend thinking half the time they spend talking the world would be a better place. If people filtered their thoughts before they spoke, they would not come out with the rubbish we hear these days.
Kojo Ansah, Page 120

...blaming others may blind a man's eyes to his own faults.
Kofi Ntim, 123

...a man is sometimes blind to the thorns on the path he walks. His friends must provide the light to illuminate the path.
Kojo Ansah, 123

Our enemies are like eggs in our backyards. You see, they become powerful if we let them. You can allow an egg to hatch into a chick and watch it grow into an adult hen, strong and ready to peck your corn and defecate over your yard. Or you can prevent all that by dropping the egg on the floor.
Mystique Mysterious, 124

Oh, everyone is a hypocrite to some extent in this world of mass make-believe.
Mystique Mysterious, 132

Rumours must have wings. Once a rumour starts, never mind how absurd it sounds, it has the ability to cover much ground in no time at all so long as it appeals to the imagination. And often you cannot tell who originates it.
Kojo Ansha, 134

Those who fail to live by the iron principle of an eye for an eye are ever susceptible to the snares of those who do; those who welcome with open hearts are ever prone to the guile and machinations of those who are out to devour.
Page 176


  1. You are keeping me in tight suspense...I am most familar with all the quotes above and the one that strikes me is the first by Kojo Ansah. I am very eager to know what you make of the book...(I will be waiting for next week)

  2. I know, but I have not even finish making up my mind on the book yet. I would provide my thoughts next week... Monday or Tuesday...


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