Monday, July 25, 2011

Proverb Monday, #32

Proverb: Yεmfa y'ani na εka nkwan hwε
Meaning: We don't use our eyes to taste soup
Context: Don't judge by appearance
No. 2247 in Bu me Bε by Peggy Appiah et al.


  1. Good proverb, although there's a few top chefs who will dispute that by. saying that you taste with your eyes, meaning that the appearance of food on a plate affects how you react to it.

  2. @PL, I guess so... But sometimes if we follow what we see we'd taste 'bile'. lol.

  3. Another fantastic truth!

  4. I smiled over Parrish's comment. Interesting proverb Nana.

  5. Interesting one. I wouldnt have been able to explain that on my own.

  6. @Think-About-It at least some part of our language/arts is being preserved, thanks to the authors.


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