Thursday, September 03, 2009

Drunken Dreams

I dream of you
in my drunken desert dreams
I dream of you
in my wireless wawa awakenings
I dream drunken dreams
at the point of my awakening
I dream meeting you
at the point of my phoenix transformation

Ancient of Days
the Beautiful One
conceived not by the seed of man
nor in the womb of the venerable woman
it is you I drunkenly dream of in my dreams

lead me by hand
take me to your altar of knowledge
fit my feet on The Path
yet leave me a human
but cut me into pieces
suck out the wormwood and the poisonwood and the log-wood
and all the wooden nerves and the mechanical processors
re-arrange me to my primaeval innocence

I dream drunkenly of you
in my sea-dry dreamy dreams
leading me into the Sun
to see the face of me and my creator
to transfigure me into innocence
and from the ashes
I would awake refreshed, emboldened
steep in the ways of The Path
and lead them to you...

Copyright 2009 by Nana Fredua-Agyeman

Notes: Wrote this title in my notebook without Atukwei Okai's Oblogo Concerto in mind but later I realised that it has unconsciously influenced the title.

This piece was written after reading Ayi Kwei Armah's Review of his book The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born (which I have not yet read) in the August/September 2009 issue of the New African.

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