Quotes for Friday from Naguib Mahfouz's Palace Walk

I'm a man. I'm the one who commands and forbids. I will not accept any criticism of my behavior. All I ask of you is to obey me. Don't force me to discipline you. [4]

She yielded so wholeheartedly that she even disliked blaming him privately for his nights out. [4]

Inspired by this thirst for love, his nature was inclined toward sincerity, faithfulness, serenity, humility: the attributes that attract love and approval the way flowers attract butterflies. [85]

I'm generous to a customer for the first time, but I make up for my loss later, even if I cheat. This is the way merchants operate. [90]

Since the past was composed of events and memories, by its very nature it was apt to fade away and be forgotten. [112]

You're right. A court of law is more merciful than the room of women waiting for me now. [145]

Forget your nose, even if only for this one evening. A nose is like a sore that grows larger every time you think about it. [146]

A person in trouble who lacks adequate line of defense will resort to humor in order to allow himself to escape in happy clamor rather than let himself be subjected to scorn and condescending laughter. [215]

In a crisis a person will concentrate his thoughts on saving himself. Once he is safe, his conscience will start to give him trouble. Similarly, when a member of the body is ill, the body drains vital energies from other areas to try to heal it. When the diseased member recovers, these energies must be redistributed equally to other, neglected parts of the body. [215]

She hated her beauty, which to Khadija's eyes appeared to be an instrument of torture and oppression. In much the same way, a man stalking prey finds the glistening full moon oppressive. [238]

You should be serious about serious things and playful when you play. There's an hour for your Lord and an hour for your heart. [248]

This feeling engendered sincere love and affection. Her former sorrows were obscured by this new one, just as feelings of animosity may be obliterated by generosity. Similarly, a person who both loves and hates someone may find that the sorrow of parting obscures the hatred, leaving only the love. [257]

It was a lust that loved beauty but would not turn away from ugliness. In these crises, everything was equivalent. He was like a dog that eagerly devours whatever scraps it finds. [277]

Faith is stronger than death, and death is nobler than ignominy. [361]

Should I reveal my lack of power to her? Should I seek help from her weakness after my power has failed? [448/9]

A man forgets himself in the strangest way when he's with so many people. He almost seems to become a new person. [480]


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