NEW PUBLICATION: Chapters of Me: Deep Thoughts vol.1 by Ben Hinson

Ben Hinson
New title from Musings Press - Chapters of Me:Deep Thoughts vol.1 by Ben Hinson.

Ben Hinson is a once-in-a-lifetime find. The Ghanaian native has lived in Ghana, Nigeria, England, and numerous locations within the United States. He captures his growth and observations on life in beautiful free verse and poetry in his first collection, Chapters of Me: Deep Thoughts vol.1. From his time as a cadet in a military academy in Pennsylvania, to living on the mean streets of Detroit Michigan with gang members, working overnight shifts as a laborer in warehouses, writing and directing theatrical performances, to eventually working as a manager and advisor for some of the top names in real-estate performance analytics and advertising in New York City, Ben Hinson has amassed a vast wealth of experience, which he channels effectively into this new collection. Each piece in the book highlights a unique theme, and is written in a raw and honest style, while at the same time being balanced with carefully constructed wordplay that makes the book nothing short of unique.

We encourage you to watch these videos that Ben himself produced and directed to promote his book by clicking here and there. You can also learn more about Ben by visiting his website or keep up with him and his events on his official Facebook page.

Chapters of Me: Deep Thoughts vol.1 is available online in both paperback and eBook formats for the Barnes & Noble Nook and the Amazon Kindle.
Author: Ben Hinson
Publisher: Musings Press
ISBN: 978-0615521091
Pages: 98
Paperback Price (Amazon): $8.93
eBook Price: $3.99
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