Quotes for Friday from Brian Chikwava's Harare North

Truth is like snake because it is slippery when it move and make people flee in all directions whenever it slither into crowds, but Sekai don't know. [8]

Your house is like your head, she say to sheself, you have to keep sweeping it clean if you want to stay sane. [14]

You always know more than you believe in but always choose what you believe in over what you know because what you know can be so big that sometimes it is useless weapon, you cannot wield it proper and, when you try, it can get your head out of gear and stop you focusing. [43]

Money is like termite. The more desire you have to catch it, the more you scare it down into its hole. You don't try to catch it by its head, but let it crawl out of the hole first. [68]

The past always give you the tools to handle the present. Add small bit of crooked touch to what you do and everyone soon get startled into silence and start paying proper attention and respect to you. Every jackal boy know that style; drop in crazy laughter in some crazy place during the interrogation and any traitor will listen up. It's not accident that 'skill' and 'slaughter' start with a crooked letter. Every jackal boy know that too. Remove the crooked touch from each of them those two words and suddenly you kill laughter. [69]

Don't rush to swallow things before you have even chew them proper because you will choke and get us very worryful. [73]

Pubic hair is like your future; you have to find out by yourself what colour it become when time has move on. [88]

As you like to say, fear is like demon; throw it at them and watch. But never let fear stalk you or it end up being overfamiliar with you. Spit on its face. [113]

[H]is trousers is coming apart on the seam along his bum crack and I think it have start to look like comedy trousers because the trousers is black and last time Shingi have used white thread to repair the seam. [115]
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