Monday, November 29, 2010

Proverb Monday

Proverb (in Akan): Onipa bewu na sika tease
Transliteration: Man would die but his riches would remain on earth
Implication/Usage: No matter what you do you cannot take your wealth with you. Hence it is important not to do injustice to others in our quest for wealth.


  1. What a good start for a Monday morning. Many things to learn from this short and simple proverb. Thnks for this n just to let you know, I also reviewed Gordimer's July's People and Lahiri's Namesake over the weekend.

  2. thanks Geosi. thanks for telling me. Would not have known. I thought since I don't blog over the weekends (mostly), others also don't. lol. Would check them out.

  3. Great proverb, and so true.

  4. a great proverb right there Nana. thanks for the awakening. I believe we must strive first for the kingdom of God and all other things incl. wealth will fall into place.

    God bless u

  5. @Amy... most of the Akan proverbs talk of humanity so that it hurts me when Africans are misrepresented. This is an article I am working on.


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