a Daddy’s love (a poem)

I wrote this piece after an incident happened in Ghana when, a famous pastor was arrested (and alleged) to have raped his daughter.

she thought daddy loves her
Daddy would cry if she refuses
she must not disobey daddy
for so the Bible says
according to daddy
lest she would go to Hell
Daddy always says this too
and she would suffer world without end
and so being god-fearing
she parted it for him
and he, being god-fearing
drove in and drove out
till the treacle trickle through his veins
in that sweet release

and she couldn’t cry
because Daddy don’t like to see her cry
because if she does Daddy wouldn’t buy her the treacle
and she would not get her new shoes
must not all god’s children wear shoes?

she couldn’t tell mummy
if she does she would die
and if she dies she would go to hell
and she would not wear her Christmas dress
and she would not eat the sweet coconut cake
steeped in condensed milk
oh! How sweet it is

but then mummy came home
and she saw her walk
and seeing her walk
like a leaf in a wind’s path
mummy asked her
mummy gave her sweet coconut cake
and asked her again
mummy gave her nice dresses and shoes
and asked her again
and she told mummy
mummy, it was Daddy


  1. What a sad story, and sad poem. And disturbing. It is so wrong that people do these things, especially those in positions of authority like adults over children, or priests, or teachers, or more. Your poem really brings it to life and shows how wrong and sad it is.

  2. Very very wrong Amy. I have hated this ever since I heard it. I hope the courts do the right thing.

  3. Very powerful. you really captured the child's voice.

  4. Thanks Beachreader...I hope things like this don't happen

  5. Very disturbing indeed. I often wonder what the adults in these kinds of cases were thinking.

  6. Perhaps they were taken over by evil forces. lol. What else can I describe this? A man must work honestly to earn his living, yet most have resorted to crooked means of survival and living way beyond their means. Since life requires you to work honestly and you decide to deviate, there are certain impediments that would come your way and these are some of them.

    Honest work pays... Becoming a pastor of no faith or belief and resorting to these acts to help deceive the populace is evil. And aren't they the Devils they are preaching against?

  7. You must have pulled a fast one there. This is a disturbing poem and the daddy's behavior need not be encouraged. Nice poem.

  8. @Geosi, thanks... and yes, it needs to be punished, severely...


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