Proverb Monday

Proverb: W'amma wo yɔnko antwa nkron a, wo nso worentwa du

Translation: If you don't let your companion to eat (or harvest) nine portions, you also won't get ten.

Alternative form: W'amma wo yɔnko antwa ankɔ a, wo nso worentwa nnu (Note that some proverbs are said in different ways and yet they mean the same. Here there is a clear play on words and sounds: 'nkron' means nine in Twi and 'du' means ten. However, 'ankɔ' is the negative form of 'go', so it becomes 'do not go', and 'du' also means 'reach' and 'nnu', which should have been 'ndu' but 'nd' becomes 'nn', means 'do not reach'.

Translation of Alternative form: If you don't let your companion clear the path forward, you also won't clear it to the end.

Meaning: If you don't share, you don't prosper.

Usage: This is mostly used when someone (often the one with some form of power: wealth, age, anything) is preventing another's progress. When this is used it is to tell the person that our lives are interconnected and it is best we help another rather than becoming selfish and 'cutting the heels' of the vulnerable.


  1. I have posted a comment but not sure whether it came. But from the proverb, I see it's one that talks about togethernes and unity. I enjoyed the alternative form of the actual proverb as it brought out the actual meaning of the proverb. thanks for this.

  2. Another great an useful proverb. Definitely applicable to life!

  3. Thanks Amy. Most of these proverbs are.


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