Review of and Additions to the Top 100 List

I made a Top 100 books to be read in five years, alongside other books I would come across. However, the list was not up to 100 books and some books have proved to be almost inaccessible. There are some books that are accessible but I have refrained from reading them. All these have necessitated the need to revise and add unto the list. Besides, individuals I have met have also suggested other books that require my attention.

First, V.S. Naipaul's 'In a Free State', which was under the Booker Winners, has been replaced by
  1. Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre 
William Gaddis (this author was introduced to me by Kinna)
  1. Carpenter's Gothic
  2. A Frolic of His Own
Somerset Maughan (also introduced to me by Kinna)
  1. Of Human Bondage
  2. Theatre
Amis Martin: I have heard a lot about British authors, positively and negatively. Recently, I have read articles on the death of the novel and the bashing British and American authors have received from critics is enough for me to read some of them.
  1. Money
  2. London Fields
  3. The Information
Ian McEwan (same as above). All of the following books were shortlisted for the booker.
  1. Atonement
  2. On Chesil Beach
Nawal El Sadaawi (saw a review of this from Kinna's blog). I have one of her books listed already
  1. God Dies by the Nile
Salman Rushdie (same as Ian McEwan and Amis Martin)
  1. The God of Small Things
Manthia Diawara (Suggested by a friend)
  1. We Won't Budge
Ben Okri: I have his Famish on my list and since this book is a trilogy, I think it is only good and fitting that I include the other two books.
  1. Songs of Enchantment
  2. Infinite Riches
Kazuo Ishiguro:
  1. Never Let Me Go
These additions and revisions make the list four more than 100. Thus, books that become difficult to access would have replacements. Besides, I am still open to suggestions and interventions. Let me know what you think is best for a Top 100. I am far away from reading half of this list, yet I am not giving up.
Update: In a Free State is similar to A Bend in the River, which I didn't like. This has been replaced by Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre winner of the 2003 Man Booker Prize.
Update September 5, 2011: Removal of A House for Mr Biswas by V.S. Naipaul for repetition.
Update December 14, 2011: Removal of Shame by Salman Rushdie to reduce the number of author's books on the list.
Update December 14, 2011: Replacing The Moon and Six Pence by Somerset Maugham with Theatre, which I have.
Update December 14, 2011: Removal of This Child will be Great by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for no reason.
Update December 14, 2011: Removal of Black Dog, Amsterdam, and The Comfort of Strangers, both by Ian McEwan (and both shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize at one point in time), to reduce the number of books by the same author and introduce other authors.
Update December 14, 2011: Replacing Amis's The Razor Edge with The Information which together with the other two on the list is referred to as his London Trilogy.


  1. It's so much fun helping someone else make a list. Nana, it looks good. As you say, it's a work in progress. I'll take my time and go through it again and let you know what I think. I wonder what I will put on mine.

    BTW, I must be the only one who's read Ishiguro's never Let me go who did not like the book. If you don't have the book, will gladly lend you mine.

  2. Thanks Kinna... lol. Sometimes we don't get certain books that are acclaimed to be the best. If you look at top 100 of good books and top 100 of worse books, there are a lot of intersection within even the first ten books. Thus, a book deemed to be bad would still be judged to be best by others... lol.

  3. Isn't Kinna terrible for the wish list? ;) Some truly great additions there, a few that have been added to my lists as well. I hope you enjoy them all!

  4. Nana Fredua, I will keep presing you to get Benjamin Kwakye's "The Sun by Night" on your 100 books to be read. And also, I am yearning that you read J.M Coetzee's novel, "Disgrace" as early as possible. You will enjoy it soooooooooooooo much. Keep up the good work.

  5. Geoffrey.... thanks for pressing me. My readings don't strictly follow this list, however, it guides my purchases. Thus, I would keep Kwakye's 'The Sun by Night' on a virtual extension of this list. Would grab it anytime I come across it.

  6. Hi there, I’m a recent follower of your blog and I like what I’ve been reading so I’m giving you the One Lovely Blog Award!

    Happy reading :)

  7. Thanks Emily Jane... this is great and yet difficult. It would be difficult to come up with 15 new thus, it may take a while for me to post this and tag them. Thanks...


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