Bryony's Book Award

I opened my blog to find good news. I serialised new books from new authors and that included Bryony Rheam's This September Sun. This morning I got to know that it has won the the 2010 Zimbabwe Book Publishers Award for First Book...
The book is available at the Books of Zimbabwe website. It is also available from independent bookstores within Zimbabwe and South Africa and would be available at amazon soon. However, if you cannot get a copy please direct your email to

Extracts from the book, This September Sun, and other amaBooks publications, could be read from their website here.

ImageNations contacted Bryony and she has accepted to be interviewed here... Look forward for this interview.


  1. Congratulations to Bryony! And you obviously picked some great books to feature here Nana as this one has already won an award.

  2. Yeaaaah!! and she's agreed to be interviewed on this blog.

  3. Congratulations to her, I look forward to getting her book and The Hairdresser on Amazon.

  4. Hope they get it there fast. It's really necessary at this point in time.

  5. We at 'amaBooks are very pleased that Bryony won the award - she deserves it. There is more good news - a UK publisher wants to publish This September Sun in the UK so it will be widely available in bookshops there. The downside of that is that there will be a delay in getting the book on Amazon until terms are agreed. Anyone interested can get the book from us

  6. Thanks Jane for bringing this to our notice. We love it. I hope everything would be sorted out early for the book's availability on Amazon. Thanks again


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