Monday, March 21, 2011

Dreamscape: A Poem to Celebrate World Poetry Day

I am breaking a tradition I have held for so long: I don't post more than two items in a day. However, all my posts today are time and day specific. For instance, today is Monday and so I would have to post the weekly Proverb Monday, a list of Literary activities for this month (beginning today) could only be posted today if I am to talk about today's event and, finally, today is World Poetry Day - can't leave without a poetry post. So do forgive me if I have made you visit my blog more than once today.

So you think you know Death
when at the point of divergence
you took that path;

when you submitted cruelly
to his subtle cravings
talking about the love he has not.

Death has never been a destination
we arrive at;
Death has never had presence
or an essence – in a sense
Death has no existence –
it plays pretence with reality.

At transformation’s point
the soul’s vibrations increases
– that little tapings hidden
on the borders of the soul –
and the light shines in degrees
and decreases the darkness
in the dreamscapes of our minds.


  1. You have a good case to have posted this poem on world poetry day. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. I'm in the dying process. Slowly now quicker. A year. Not "submitting cruelly" but with calm wonder. And making art, writings and music in a creative frenzy, unleashed in its imminence. I am safe; all is as it must be. I look forward to "the transformation point. So I'm not sure I agree with you, but that is good.

    1. you are a poet too.

  3. @Worden. Disagreement is key to understanding. This poem sees death not as an end. It sees it just as a change, a transformation from one point to the other. Thus for those who submit cruelly to it (through self induced deaths) don't know death. Death is just the change of state... but still part of the continuum of life. Would get in touch with you.

  4. It is some kind - from where I sit - a kind of romanticizing death, the inevitable that cuts all. I too would like to see beyond if only to see my beloved, the immortal pathway of the mortal.

    I sign as anonymous as I prefer to keep my name private and confidential, in the meantime that I wish I get to create my own blog to discuss and learn with the true learners. Great work you have here, is surely an understatement.

    1. thanks. Do you know Worden? I will be happy to subscribe to your blog.


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