Monday, December 20, 2010

The Man and The People

A poet's response to Laurent Gbagbo

He slurps The People’s cries into his pockets
And sucks their blood into his belly barns
His eyes feast from The People’s minds
Robbing them of their thoughts;
After defecating into their singular bowls
The Man wipes his anus on their faces

He elects himself Lord of the Land
God of the Sea, Fire God
That no one farms, fishes or cooks
Without a nod from his Kilimanjaro head

And when guns stutter unceasingly at one end of Town
The Man laughs, swaggers and boogies
At the other end

Don’t you know him?
His voice is a thousand whispering souls
In an octagonal room;
And his grey hair speaks not the language of age.

written 04.12.2010.


  1. What an interesting piece...hmmm...I wish he would read this...yes...I will say it again...I wish he would read this...Aba! how many times should we give in to people like the (Man) to clean his anus on the people's faces??? Hey! this is an intelligent and a good poem. I LOVE THE LAST LINE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH - It is well crafted.

  2. @Geosi, thanks. Can we suffer another despot? I think not.

  3. Great poem Nana, really shows the truth behind politics! (At least, sounds like a politician to me!)

  4. @Amy, you got it right. And definitely you would know what I am talking about... It is political.


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