Friday, December 10, 2010

ImageNations on Ghana Writers Project

ImageNations have a blog post on the Writers Project of Ghana's official website. WPG is an international literary organization based in Ghana and the United States. WPG was founded in 2009 (as the Ghana Poetry Project) by Martin Egblewogbe and Laban Carrick Hill in order to promote a literary culture in Africa and around the world. By supporting a literary culture in this West African country, WPG advances the notion that a free exchange of ideas is essential to the health and prosperity of any community. The implication of this is that some of my posts go to this too. Readers could pass through this website and explore the different literary projects WPG is involved in.


  1. Congratulations! So many exciting things for you lately :)

  2. I've heard about the Ghana's Writers Project but have not given much attention to it. Probably, I would have to. I see Matin's book, Mr Happy .... on your fav. list. Is it that good?

  3. @Geosi, Martin writes the Kafakesque type of novels. Novels that would let you sit and ask questions of life. You must read him: you either loath him or you love him and I believe anyone who loves Kafka would love him.

    I am a member of the Ghana Writers Project so I think you should give us much attention. Just check the address...

  4. Congratulations! What a great thing to be involved in. By the way, I probably just didn't notice before or something but i love the new blog layout! Very snappy.

  5. @Marie...thanks. I blush for my blog. lol


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