#Quotes from Permit for Survival by Bill Marshall

What I am trying to tell you is that the world is not small. It is a big thing with many people who are not the same. They are all different. And you will have to treat each one differently. That's the way to stay alive. You have to know the rules and apply them when needed. Otherwise, you will be a walking corpse, you will be living in a vacuum. That's the way life is; there are big fishes and small fishes. The big fish eats the small fish and the small fish feed on something else but they have to run faster to avoid being eaten by the big fish. [18]

Africans should eat good food to keep the nation healthy. And when the doctors said that folks must drink milk and eat eggs, nobody blamed them because they had never heard of inflation and the ordinary man. [26]

Some people had to die a little to re-emerge as better human beings. And come to think of it in much deeper perspective, some people die completely so that other people can become better human beings. That was what Jesus did, and that was what other lesser humans did after Him. [45]

Let's grow up woman, let's grow up. The world is not made up of pets who only know and understand love and loving. It is made up of human beings who want to go on living and therefore will make use of whatever life-sustaining things that God has created. [78]

The limits of an individual's ability are usually not known or fully appreciated by the individual himself. And like the old folks say, if a man is clearing the bush for a footpath, he cannot know if the path he has cleared behind him is crooked or straight. [95]

Advice by old men sometimes are given  through tales and adages. These have come down the ages and have been regarded as folk tales which are told to children or by children themselves. One such story is told of a traveller who, having covered the better part of his journey, came to a small river. He decided to sit at the bank of the river for the water to run out before crossing. He did not want his feet to get wet. Of course, the river never ran out and the man never reached his destination because he did not want his feet wet. [108]

A man without solid principles is like a goat who would drop his waste everywhere it sleeps. [113]
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