Submission Call Outs: The Golden Baobab Prize

The Golden Baobab Prize is in its fifth year. The literary award invites entries of unpublished African-inspired stories written for young audiences below the age of twelve. The mission of the Golden Baobab Prize is to inspire African writers to create enthralling African stories that will inspire the imaginations of generations of African children. 

This year, Golden Baobab will award three prizes:
  • The Picture Book Prize awards $1,000 to the best story written for readers ages 6 - 8;
  • The Early Chapter Book Prize awards $1,000 to the best story written for readers 9 - 11;
  • The Rising Writer Prize awards $1,000 to the most promising young writer below the age of 18.
This year's prize packages include a publishing deal and opportunities to attend exclusive Golden Baobab writers' workshops. Additional rules and regulations can be found on the organiser's website. Please note that the Golden Baobab Prize is open to African citizens of all ages. Deadline for submission is July 14, 2013. Writers are highly encouraged to submit their entries early. 

Golden Baobab seeks to ensure that in the next ten years young Africans everywhere will have access to excellent quality literature that they can relate to. You can help by encouraging eligible persons in your networks to write and submit stories; print out the and put the catchy poster; and/or write a story yourself.


  1. Speaking of prizes, did you know Mozambican writer Mia Couto has just won the 2013 Camões Prize? He's now the fifth African writer to receive it.

    1. Thanks Miguel, this is news to me. Thanks for sharing...

  2. Thanks for sharing the Baobab prize. The deadline is short though.

    1. They do it annually so perhaps you can prepare towards next year's.


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