Quotes for Friday from Nadine Gordimer's Burger's Daughter

There are always sources of desolation that aren't taken into account because no one knows what they will be. [15]

Strong emotion - faith? - has different ways of being manifested among the different disciples within which people order their behaviour. [33]

The blackman is not fighting for equality with whites. Blackness is the blackman refusing to believe the whiteman's way of life is best for blacks. [163]

The main reason why we're still where we are is blacks haven't united as blacks because we're told all the time to do it is to be racist. [163]

-Our liberation cannot be divorced from black consciousness because we cannot be conscious of ourselves and at the same time remain slaves - [164]

When the body is no longer an attraction, an expression of desire, to bare your breasts and belly is simple; you lay like dogs or cats grateful for the sun. [239]

-But there's no indemnity. You can't be afraid to do good in case evil results. [296]

-It'll be enough to take your mind off your stomach. - When lovers cannot touch, they tease each other instead. [298]

Our children and our children's children. The sins of the fathers; at last, the children avenge on the fathers the sin of fathers. Their children and children's children; that was the Future, father, in hands not foreseen.
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