March in Review, Projections for April

The latter part of March and beginning of April found me in the Western Region of Ghana, on a professional field trip that involved PRA with cocoa farmers in Kwamebikrom in the Bia District. On going to this trip I took two extra books in addition to the one I was reading. The fact is I couldn't complete the one I was reading to talk of starting the others.

There were a few literary programmes I attended, actually the monthly reading by the Ghana Voices Series that hosted the Writers Project of Ghana and the Ehalakasa TalkParty Plus. I interviewed Kola Tubosun from Nigerian and Ayikwei Parkes from Ghana. The month of March began on a good note, slowing down by the second book. In all I read three novels, completing the last one, which when completed would give me a total of 1020 pages, the lowest of all months. All four books are on various challenges, three on the Top 100 Books Challenge and the other on the Africa Reading Challenge. The following books were read:
March would more like follow February. I would be reading books on challenges, though I would also read books which are not on challenges. The month might begin with a poetry chap book. Again, depending on the pattern, I might read Mine Boy by Peter Abraham which I projected to read in March.


  1. all the best for April Nana and looks like you had a good March,all the best stu


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