Monday, September 26, 2011

Proverb Monday, #41

Proverb: Kookoohene se ɔsene wo a, ɔsene wo wɔ kookoobere, na ɔnsene wo fupεberε
Meaning: If the cocoa chief says he he greater than you, he is greater than you in the cocoa season, but he is not greater than you in the off-season.
Context: Cocoa is a seasonal crop and brings in money twice a year. At those times farmers can afford extravagance. In the off-season they may be poor. Fupεberε is the season between the rainy and dry seasons. Hence: Your position depends on achievements over the years, not on "quick come, quick go" money.
No. 3505 in Bu me Bε by Peggy Appiah et al.


  1. I like this one.
    Worth remembering in order not to become the seasonal Kookoohene.

  2. That's hilarious! Where do youcollect all these proverbs? Or do you just know them?

  3. @SN... these are from a book of proverbs called "Bu me Bε ". However, the use of proverbs in common language pervades our speech.

  4. Oh I love African proverbs. Nice job for writing it in Twi. Your blog is educative too! :)


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