Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Proverb Monday

Okay so it isn't Monday today! I forgot to search for the appropriate proverb yesterday so here it is today.

Proverb: Aboa no nya wo na ɔre nka wo a, ɔmfee ne se nkyerε wo
Translation: If the animal won't bite you, it won't bare its teeth to you
Usage: Take caution from threats. This is mostly used in advising an individual who has had altercations with another person.


  1. Yes, it is tuesday but this is one worthy proverb to take through the week. Thanks for this.

  2. Really good advice, lol...I didn't know Ghana had proverbs too. Very educative stuff!

  3. @MW, I guess we are a common people hence we are bound to have similar things, like proverbs. lol.


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