#Quotes: Quotes from Amos Tutuola's The Palm-Wine Drinkard

I was a palm-wine drinkard since I was a boy of ten years of age. I had no other work more than to drink palm-wine in my life. [7]

Do not follow unknown man's beauty. [19]

I had told you not to follow me before we branched into this endless forest which belongs to only terrible and curious creatures, but when I became a half-bodied incomplete gentleman you wanted to go back, now that cannot be done, you have failed. Even you have never seen anything yet, just follow me. [20]

I could not blame the lady for following the Skull as a complete gentleman to his house at all. Because if I were a lady, no doubt I would follow him to wherever he would go, and still as I was a man I would jealous him more than that, because if this gentleman went to the battle field, surely, enemy would not kill him or capture hims and if bombers saw him in a town which was to be bombed, they would not throw bombs on his presence, and if they did throw it, the bomb itself would not explode until this gentle would leave that town, because of his beauty. [25]

This was a wonderful child, because if a hundred men were to fight with him, he would flog them until they would run away. [33]

This would be a brief loss of woman, but a shorter separation of a man from lover. [78]

She was not a human-being and she was not a spirit, but what was she? [83]

Hard to salute each other, harder to describe each other, and hardest to look at each other at our destination. [104]

As I had prepared the juju, we did not fear anything which might happen to us inside the bush and we were travelling both day and night as we liked. [107]

For the safety of an egg the wife was in hungry-creature's stomach. [109]
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  1. Nana.. you keep on changing your blog design. LOL.
    I am glad you are at last reading this novel. I love the quote on page 25. I hope you enjoyed it.

    1. Lol. There are aspects of the old and the new that I love and can't seem to decide. But this will be for sometime.

      Yes, the story is fantastic... reminded me of the days we used to tell stories.


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