Wednesday, January 07, 2015

There and Back Again

First, let me say I plagiarised the words in this title. But this is not the reason why I am here. After all, I read that trilogy in 2014. I am here to apologise for my long absence from blogging. And definitely from reading. What makes book blogging different from all other blogging is that, to blog one must undertake another long activity: reading. Unless one wants to be a blogger of bookish events. But creating contents for book blogs require a lot. And I have been at it consistently, or so I would like to think (don't count my other absences), since 2009. And it has immensely benefitted my reading; and possibly my writing.

My last post on this blog was on September 11, 2014. The ones before that were on July 18 and 19, 2014; and the last one before these was on June 25, 2015. There is a reason why I am going back to June. In the beginning of June 2014 I got a new job. And like most of my jobs have been this position is different from the previous one. It therefore required a lot of learning on the job. Thus, though I was reading, the materials weren't those that I could review. They were quasi-academic. By the way, I only consider peer-reviewed journals as academic readings. Forgive my bias. Yet, this was not the reason why I couldn't continue creating content for this blog.

The most important reason is that this job was farther from where I stay; though I don't have to brace the traffic some others do. The environment too is different. Instead of the seclusion I enjoyed in my previous job, where I shared office with one or two, here I have a desk in a space shared with a lot of people. Thus, in addition to not been able to come to work very early, even when I manage to do so I meet others at their desks making reading difficult. Work starts the moment you arrive, not the specified time work is supposed to start. Hence, my entire reading pattern has been affected. I read less and less and have almost lost out. This has affected me, as any true reader knows. However, I managed to read a score or so books in the previous year. I will blog about these in the coming days.

This blog post is to inform my readers that I have not stopped blogging; I am still defining ways to come back to this interest of mine, whilst still working to feed myself and the family. To start the year, I am reading Umberto Eco's The Prague Cemetery. What are you reading in the new year? Expect a full report of books read and my expectations for 2015 in upcoming posts.


  1. Welcome back, Nana. You were greatly missed. Looking forward to reading your wonderful and in-depth reviews. Happy New Year.


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