Friday, June 14, 2013

#Quotes: Quotes from Ben Okri's Infinite Riches

Time is growing ... And our suffering is growing too. When will our suffering bear fruit? One great thought can alter the future of the world. One revelation. One dream. But who will dream that dream? And who will make it real? [5]

Some people who are born don't want to live. Others who are dead do't want to die. [6]

Another insisted justice was an idea invented by the big crooks who run the world, an idea designed to keep small people in their corners. [26]

His ears were so wounded that he heard the language of his blood in the beating heart of the prison walls. His eyes hurt so much that he saw shapes hovering between the metal bars. Angel or demon, spirit or ancestor, he couldn't be sure. [46]

[F]ame is often devourer of the best things in our spirit. [88]

Every mood is a story, and every story becomes a mood. [153]

It is only when the diverse peoples of the earth meet and learn from and love one another that we can begin to get an inkling of this awesome picture. Call it a picture of divinity, or humanity if you want, but like the magic powder that Africans allude to, this great jigsaw has been distributed amongst all of us; and one aspect of our destiny on this earth may be to discover something of that grand image or music of our collective souls, of our immense possibilities, our infinite riches. [187]

People sometimes say that happiness is the holiday of the spirit, the lovely dreaming of the nerves. [194]

Great events don't just travel to people's ears through the mouths of men. Sometimes they travel through dreams, through the invisible cables in the air, or through the whispering mouths of spirits. [204]

Thins seep back from the future into the present; the past presses everything forward; and the future makes things search for their lost origins. [219]

Where does birth begin? It begins with a death. Things have to vacate the space we haven't properly used, in order for new things to be born. It begins with a death, and that night we heard plangent dirges in the air, foretelling a death in advance. [223]

Those who cannot transform their bad dreams which might become real, should be rudely awoken. [238]

I am a spirit-child wandering in an unhappy world. Draw a deep breath, for my new song is pitched to the wings of those birds of omen, birds that fly into new dawns, changing with their flight into the forms of future ages. [249]

[T]he manufacturers of reality had no power over laughter. [281]

Some say there is no greater breeding-ground for evil than when a people's reason falls asleep, their dreams unencumbered, and when the air seems clear. [329]

[G]reat old trees are impossible to replace. [364]
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  1. Whst intriguing quotes - sounds like a powerful read


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