What are You Reading in these COVID times?

It's been a long long time. A lot has happened in my life and in the world at large. We have had this pandemic, which has locked almost every country down. In this period, there are few activities you can do and reading is one of them. 

Share your COVID-19 Reading List with us so we can have an interesting chats. Tell us the favourite on the list and why.


  1. I have been doing a lot reading and watching international news. One of the books I read was Defending Your Brand by Tim Calkins

  2. Hey, brother. I'm coming here from Goodreads, specifically a link that was in your review of Big Bishop Roko and the Altar Gangsters by Kojo Laing. I'm really loving the book! I was wondering if you know of any other African writers who are similar to Laing's surreal and linguistically eccentric style. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. The only author I can think of is Ben Okri but he is only similar via surreal images while his prose is pretty basic.



    1. Hi George, I left this blog. But I may be coming back to it, so sorry for responding late. Try Mia Couto. He's great. Also, Martin Egblewogbe and Jose Eduardo Agualusa.


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