Friday, October 04, 2013

#Quotes: Quotes from Wole Soyinka's Kongi's Harvest

[A] King does not become a menial just because he puts down his crown to eat. [2]

A shilling's vegetable must appease a halfpenny spice. [2]

The nude shanks of a king is not a sight for children - it will blind them. [4]

It was our fathers who said, not I - a crown is a burden when the king visits his favourite's chambers. When the king's wrapper falls off in audience, wise men know he wants to be left alone. [5]

It is a mindless clown who dispenses thanks as a fowl scatters meal not caring where it falls. [5]

Only a foolish child lets a father prostrate to him. [6]

We lift the King's umbrella higher than men but it never pushes the sun in the face. [8]

The ostrich also sports plumes but I've yet to see that wise bird leave the ground. [48]

When the dog hides a bone does he not throw up sand? [48]

Age has shrunk the tortoise and the shell is full of air pockets. [55]

When a squirrel seeks sanctuary up the iroko tree the hunter's chase is ended. [58]

The bridegroom does not strain his neck to see a bride bound anyway for his bedchamber. [74]

If the young sapling bends, the old twig if it resists the wind, can only break. [74]

It's a foolish elder who becomes a creditor, since he must wait until the other world, or outlive his debtors. [74]
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