Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Some Quotes from The Best of Simple by Langston Hughes

Some white church convention - I read in the papers where they have resolved all that over and the Golden Rule, too, also that Negroes should be treated right. It looks to me white folks better stop resolving and get to doing. They have resolved enough. Resolving ain't solving. [80]

They are always worrying about dusting something, cleaning up something, or washing something, especially in the spring. Now, you take Joyce, every time I go by her place, either she, or her landlady one, is bulldozing the house - sweeping or mopping or dusting or washing out curtains, or ironing slip-covers. I swear there is many a thing to keep clean in a house. But a man do not worry about it as much as a woman. [114]

That man you was talking about were white. He could afford to throw out things. White folks have got plenty of things. Almost all we got is problems, especially the race problem. Everybody's talking about it. The white folks down where I work is always discussing this race problem. I tell them that white folks can measure their race problem by how far they have come. But Negroes measure ours by how far we have got to go. [115]

Them white folks are always telling me, 'Isn't it wonderful the progress that's been made amongst your people. Look at Dr. Bunche!'
All I say to them is, 'Look at me'. [115]

Racketeers are not in the papers just for the parties they give ... They often donate a lot of money to charity, or marry one actress after another, or open night clubs, or do something sensational. If good people want to be news, they have to do sensational things, too. Just being good is not good enough - at least, not for the papers. [133]

If I had not told so many lies myself in my time, I would have believe F. D. was lying. But I know that sometimes a lie is the truth. And some things that really happen are more like lies  than some things that don't, [137]

I thought all white folks were white folks until I come North to Maryland. I did not know some were Jews. [141]

'Good examples are not set by deceit,' I said
'Oh, but sometimes they are,' said Simple. 'A congressman is a good example until somebody catches him with a deep freeze. A minister is a good example until he gets caught with the deacon's wife. I am a good example as long as F. D. thinks I am in bed asleep. ...' [148]

What I am saying is the high cost of living and the high cost of loving together is more than I can take. I don't mind dying for love, but I hate to be broke. I cannot pay my landlady with your affections. I cannot get my laundry out with heart throbs. Neither can I ride the subway with a kiss. I can't even buy a beer with love. [172]

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