Friday, November 09, 2012

201. Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks

Devil May Care (Double Day, 2008; 278) by Sebastian Faulks (writing as Ian Fleming) was written to celebrate the centenary birthday celebration of Ian Fleming - the creator of the James Bond Character. I took this book because I wanted a light read to clear my mind after a difficult read. Yet, I was somewhat disappointed. Though I knew that James Bond is super-smart, I was still bored with his success rate. Things, though seemed to be difficult, intelligence and serendipity always worked together to extricate him from the most difficult of situations. 

In this particular novel, James Bond was called out from his sabbatical leave to track and and learn more about the work of a mysterious Dr Julius Gorner. In tracking Gorner, he discovered, through the help of an equally mysterious young woman, that Dr Gorner is on to something extremely sinister. Something that could possibly lead to another world war. From Italy to England to France to Iran, expect 007 to bring you some on-the-edge-of-the-seat moments. However, like I said before, I wasn't very much impressed. I will however stick to the movies which I love and make it a point to watch ever since I was introduced to them by my older brother, more than two and half decades ago.

Hardcore fans of thrillers might like this one.

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