Monday, May 16, 2011

Proverb Monday

Proverb: Wohunu ananse a, ku no, anyε saa a, ɔbεdane ɔkyεmfo a bεka wo
Translation: When you see a spider, kill it; if not it will change into a bird-spider and bite you.
Usage: The bird-spider has a poisonous bite. A warning in a situation when one is suspected of being an enemy but has not yet shown oneself up. Don't deal with those you don't trust.
No. 2817 in Bu me Bε by Peggy Appiah et al.


  1. you are always welcome. I'd continue to supply you with this even in absentia

  2. Good proverb (and since I hate spiders too ;)

  3. lol. Didn't know that. I'm not scared of them.


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