Saturday, May 07, 2011

Love, MadaGhana, A New Poetry Anthology by Crystal Tettey

The literary scene in Ghana is currently buzzing. Usually, one expects the older generation to lead the way but in their absence, in their inability to point the way or nurture the younger generation, the latter has taken the stage by thrust, redefining literature in their own unique way.

A new and fantastic collection of poetry, Love, MadaGhana by Crystal Tetteyhas just been published and launched. In this collection, the artist pays homage to the rich heritages of her double origins: Madagascar and Ghana, hence the title Love, MadaGhana. The book aims at celebrating diversity via Madagascar and Ghana. Love, MadaGhana is full of imagery that inspires, elevates and colours the imagination. The launch took place on Friday, April 29 2011 at the Highgate Hotel in Accra, Ghana

About the Poet: Crystal Fanantenana Ranaivo-Tettey is a member of EhaLaKasa; a group of Spoken Word artists whose emphasis is on performing Poetry for positive social transformation. She is a Poet, Singer and Human Rights Advocate. Crystal is fluent in 3 international languages English, French and Russian. 

Her performances include features at Eha-Lakasa Poetry Mega Fiesta 2010, Bless The Mic – BTM: Ghana editions, Ghana Goes 2010 (an event dedicated by artists to the Ghanaian national team via football-themed performances), the Eha-Lakasa Poetry Slam 2009, and an NT1 Poetry Gala dubbed The Wordsmiths 2008 (a night of Contemporary Poetry and Music). 

She was also the Opening Act at DECIBELS (a concert organized by Canoe Magazine and featuring International Acts Nneka, Gena West, Bibie Brew and Efya). 
She starred in the 2007 DWIB Leukemia Trust Fundraiser Play/Adaptation of the animation “The prince of Egypt”, where she played the role of Yocheved.

Some of her published works can be found in “An Anthology of Contemporary Ghanaian Poems” (Woeli Publishing Services, 2004), “Face to Face - Poems and Short Stories about a Virus” (Goethe Institut, Woeli Publishing Services, 2004) and in “Sun and Snow Anthology”, Rhythm Foundation/project (funds raised towards developing the Dixcove hospital located outside Takoradi in Ghana), 2010. 

will be available from Monday, 9th May 2011 at Smoothies, Osu, Nubuke Foundation, Goethe Institute and the Silverbird Lifestyle store, Accra MallPlans are in place to get copies to the University of Ghana, Legon Bookshop.


  1. Lovely post. Could you please take a look at mine and help me out. I don't have an anthology or anything fancy but it's baby steps.

  2. @YBD It all begins with a step. Thanks for inviting me.


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