Friday, July 03, 2009

Not Without Flowers

This is the latest book I am reading; my second Amma's book and it has not so far disappointed me. I love the passion with which Amma Darko writes her story, the portrayal of a decaying society caught up in the midst of superstition and archaic tradition. She is the new voice in Ghanaian writing and I hope you get the time to read her. I would do a comprehensive review of this novel when I am through but like her last but one novel Faceless, Not Without Flowers tackle Ghana's social issues like no other. She portrays the negative side of the dual community, one that is most often hidden and untalked of; one that would hit every thinking person with a force so huge that it would not leave the reader the same; one that would awaken the irresponsible behaviour and the indifferent attitude of people. Amma is one person I have grown to like within a spate of two or three weeks. She would make you cry, laugh and annoyed in just one paragraph. Hers is a story of life; a story that inspires and motivates and makes us human. I would entreat each and every person who love reading to read any of her books.

You have landed Amma and don't give up...Ayekoo

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