Saturday, October 20, 2012

Picture Speaks: Chinua Achebe, Two Years after His Debut

Chinua Achebe in 1960
A reader is likely to have the image of a favourite author fixed in his or her head forever. Usually, this image will be a representation of the author at the age or period the reader got to know him. Hardly will it change. Thus, if the author became a favourite in his old age, this image sticks and rarely does one look back on the author's younger years. And vice versa.

I chanced upon Chinua Achebe's picture, supposedly taken two years after the publication of his debut novel Things Fall Apart. I must say that I've never ever thought of searching for this author in his youthful days. When Things Fall Apart was published, in 1958, the author was twenty-eight.

Have you seen your favourite authors in their young days (if they are old)? And can you identify them?

This picture was obtained through Seun Writes and I hope I'm using it fairly since I'm not benefitting - financially - from its use here.


  1. What an interesting picture. To think that he was 28 when the book was published. Wonder how old he was when he first conceived of it.
    On a different note, how is your list of banned books coming? Do you have a list posted somewhere yet?
    Your blog is impressive, Nana. You are so well read.

    1. Thanks Trixie. I will create a link to the documents soon so people could access it. It's coming up slowly. Participation is on the low side I hope it will increase soon.


  2. Awwww. Thanks for sharing this picture. I love his work.

    1. Always. I'll try to get more of these (of other authors) and share with you.


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