Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Library Additions

The second quarter of the year has begun and I've still not shared with readers any book I've come into possession of. I have acquired fewer books compared to this time last year. Below are the books I've acquired since the beginning of the year:
  1. Paradise by Toni Morrison. [January] This is the first book I got. It was sent to me by a friend. Morrison is an author of whom I would be proud to say 'I've read the entire works of ...'. So far I've read three: Song of Solomon, Beloved and Sula, and have two.
  2. Birds of Our Land by Virginia W. Dike. [February] I've already read this short but educative book. I got it from the publishers.
  3. Diplomatic Pounds and Other Stories by Ama Ata Aidoo. [March] I got an autographed copy of this book at a reading organised by the Writers Project of Ghana and the Goethe Institute of Ghana. This will be the second book by Ama Ata Aidoo I've read, after Changes.
  4. Amsterdam by Ian McEwan. [April] This book won the 1998 Booker Prize, though that wasn't the main reason why I bought it. I read On Chesil Beach and loved it. I will be reading Atonement this month.
  5. The Metamorphoses by Ovid; translated by Horace Gregory. [April] I just added this book to the list of books I purchased when I wanted a round figure. However, I know it to be a classic and most readers have read this.
  6. Dune by Frank Herbert. [April] This is a recommendation by a reader friend who lives around where I work. This old man can spend hours, with only a stone for a seat, and read pages and pages and woe be unto you if you pass by and greet him. He will tell you all the story and link it to others and relate it to the present situation. I respect this man a lot.
  7. The Great Gatsby by F. Scot Fitzgerald. [April] Purchased this for the Top 100 Books Reading Challenge. It is listed under the 'difficult books' section.
  8. If I'm So Successful, Why Do I Feel Like a Fake? The Impostor Phenomenon by Joan C Harvey, Ph.D., with Cynthia Katz. [April] I really want to get into non-fiction. I want to understand many things. I felt compelled by the title to read this.
These are all the books I've acquired this year. Have you read any of these?


  1. I am jealous of your autographed copy of Aidoo...lol! I am wondering if I can find a copy here. Great additions bro. Happy reading.

    1. I hope you will. It was published by Ayebia Clarke so I hope it gets there.

  2. Dune! Oh, this is going to be fun. There's also a film of Dune featuring Sting, amongst others. It's pretty mad. Wonder if your friend has seen it?!

    1. I will ask him, but I don't expect an affirmative response. He's a diligent reader and might hardly have time to read.

  3. I agree with Geosi. Wish I had an autographed copy of the Diplomatic Pounds. It's on sale at the Legon Bookshop and I would most likely get a copy at the end of the month. Happy reading.


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