Friday, February 03, 2012

Quotes for Friday from Veronique Tadjo's As the Crow Flies

We live in a world where we can tell neither head nor tail. We live in a world that jeers at you and proffers insults, an incestuous world that robs you of hope. [23]

It is definitely a century that hands its head in shame. Our elders have been called impotent, and we are accused of being 'limp'. [31]

We are all sick and tired of this suffocation, of this monarch lording it over his people. Everybody can feel that this is a sterile century. Even love is finding it hard to thrive. [31]

Somewhere, a young man wallows in his suffering - his wound so deep he cannot draw a distinction between love and destruction. When he fights, he wounds his adversary like a fighter in search of victory. [59]

His pain is so great that he wants to punish all women, but I tell him, 'No, love is the colour of hope. Bitter today, sweet tomorrow. You should not throw away your wealth of tenderness and let the honey-filled caresses dry up. Do not be wicked just to prove who you are, just to expose your wounds to the skies.' [59]
Read the review here. The entire book could be quoted if one desires for the prose is exquisite.

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