Friday, February 24, 2012

Quotes for Friday from Cyprian Ekwensi's Burning Grass

Not a war. But then, it was a war. When the forest burns do the locusts stop to say goodbye? [35]

I say there has been a war. If a fish comes out of the water and says the crocodile has one eye, who has been there with him? [35]

Night might convert the old devil into a fiend. [36]

'A maiden is one of those things a man must not trust. By Allah, it is!'
'And the others?'
'A Prince, a river, a knife, and darkness. A prince because his word changes with the weather; a river because in the morning you may wade across it, but in the evening it has swollen and can swallow you. A knife, because it knows not who carries it. Darkness, ha! Who knows what lurks in it. Certainly, all evil things.' [37/38]

He who waits will see what is in the grass. [50]

You pay twenty head of cattle for a maiden because you are excited. Then when your head is cool, you begin to say "If I had known!" [74]

On the day of death, there is no medicine. [118]
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  1. I absolutely live the one about paying many head of cattle for a wife, and then regretting it when your head cools. Very modern!

  2. Ha ha ha! Too true, on the day of death, no medicine can keep death away and no amount or power of medicine will keep you alive

  3. He who waits will see what is in the grass. So simple yet so insightful.

  4. I like the one about the fish and the crocodile. It is just resoundingly true.

  5. sounds like someone has some woman issues! LOL


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