Monday, December 26, 2011

Proverb Monday, #55

Proverb: Yεnim sε nkyene yε dε; nanso yε kɔ dwa so a, yε tɔ mako
Meaning: We know that salt is sweet; yet if we go to the market we buy pepper.
Context: Functions are different and so are needs.
No. 4364 in Bu me Bε by Peggy Appiah et al.


  1. Hi Nana,

    I just perused your extensive list of publications and am impressed. Hope you have a great new year reading and writing. I've been lurking despite not commenting much. I'll be very curious to hear your thoughts on Absalom, Absalom. I find Faulkner exceedingly difficult to read for pleasure, and will be curious to hear if he's any easier for you.

    Best to you in the New Year,

  2. Hi EF, you need not wait for my feelings though you would on my thoughts on Faulkner. I have read only 150 pages in over two weeks. I have stalled several times and the story is still warped in my mind. I can't come around to disentangle it.

    I have had one or two publications but no book yet. Hope I'll get there soon. Thanks


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