Thursday, June 03, 2010

My Own First Attempt by Felix Brambaifa

Not many writers get the chance to get their work published. The publishing industry is almost as impregnable as anything one can think of, especially to writers of fiction and poetry. In this capitalist oriented world that we live in, publishers would want to publish works that would give them the highest returns. This has left most potential authors, including this writer, to their own fate. However, if one should breakthrough they troop to publish everything he or she would write. 

Whereas some become bitter and leave the writing scene altogether or even write only for a select few, those whom he can read to, others also take the painstaking approach of self-publication. One thing about such a path is that promotion of the published book becomes a problem.

Felix Brambaifa is one of such authors who has taken upon himself, the tortuous and arduous task of self publishing his book. And he has done it. Yes! Mr. Brambaifa has published is very first book titled 'My Own First Attempt'. Please don't look at this name and wonder what the story is going to be. Don't just wipe him off for even Wole Soyinka became who he is because people read him. Every great author owes his greatness to his readers. Hence, if you don't purchase his book and read, how would he grow? How would he be known and, more importantly, how would you know that he writes good.

'My Own First Attempt' is a collection of five short stories. 
EKADI: People make mistakes, the decision they make become their own undoing. Ekadi was one of such people; his mistake was his own wife. The trouble in his life blessing his every moment with pains. He had the chance to make it right but hesitated until she became his end. 
EZE LANE: About life in the inside of poverty, where people fear morality, forsake conscience for the need to survive. A tale of how an adult takes advantage of an underage girl and how nemesis came calling after him.
OKORO: An old fool who decided against common sense to invest time and money on a girl, old enough to be his grand daughter for the reward of marriage at the end of her education, only to realise that the treachery of youth is deception.

Get yourself a copy and enjoy every bit of it. Click here to get yourself a copy.... and follow the author on facebook by clicking here...

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