Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ehalakasa TalkParty Plus--Be There or Nowhere

This Sunday, July 4, 2010, would be TalkParty Plus. TalkParty is a the name for the meeting of members of the Eha-lakasa poetry movement. Confused? Yes... the spirit moved some individuals in Ghana to take the literary scene, that has for sometime become lethargic, by thrust and literally push it with all the spiritual force it required. Sir Black, Nii Lante, Martin Egblewogbe and many others were there to plant the seed that has today grown to become a force so powerful and defining that it has become the face of the arts in Accra. And judging by the youthfulness of the participants, it is clear that the survival of Ghana's literary front is assured. If those who see themselves as having arrived (and who had always been mentioned whenever people talk about literature in Ghana) would not nurture the youth, the youth would nurture themselves and this is the pot where all the condiments and spices and leaves required for such brew is found.

So back to the meeting. The Ehalakasa movement meets every other Sunday to perform and read out poems and discuss issues. (And there is a user-contributed bar. You would love this part, especially when drinks are laced with roasted groundnut, tatale (fried mashed over-ripe plantain), kelewele (fried ripe plantain doused in spice), and value-added akpeteshie (a locally brewed gin)). In addition to this fortnightly meeting, the group dedicates its platform once a month to performances (less of reading and more of performances) and this Sunday is one of such performance night. You just need to be there.

If you are in Accra, meet us at the Nubuke Foundation, located at the back of Mensvic Hotel (Annex), East Legon. Note that the meeting place was made available to us by Kofi Sertodji, a Ghanaian sculptor and painter. 

Come and witness the flow of passion, the desire to better Ghana through the Arts...come and be part of this exciting movement that is stretching the limits of our literary minds. The Writers' Project of Ghana is part of this as its co-founder, Martin Egblewogbe, is the host of the programme.

Nana Nyarko Boateng, Martin Egblewogbe, Nii Lante, Jawai, Mamacita, Obed Sarpong, Kimi, Nana Fredua-Agyeman, Sir Black, Bernard Akoi-Jackson, Nana Tsito, are some of the poets/performers you would meet.

The time is Six O'clock pm. 


  1. I hope you have a video to upload.

    Very interesting blog. I'm enjoying catching up on all the reading I've missed.

  2. Thanks... This is a good idea and I hope to bring myself up to speed with that.


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