Monday, May 17, 2010

Wizzy Mangoma--Published Poet

Wizzy Mangoma
Born in Zimbabwe, Wizzy Mangoma is a Writer, Spoken Word Artist, Storry Teller, Dancer/Choreographer, and Theater Director. She has travelled thoughout Africa teaching and learning different African cultures. Read more about Wizzy here...

According to Wizzy, she is inspired by life and she's influenced by sharing and acting in the now because tomorrow may never come.

Wizzy has published a book of poetry titled 'Moment Treasures'. The collection promises to be interesting, judging from her rich experience with songs and tradition... Click here to make a purchase.


  1. I always feel that any dream is possible to be lived while we are awake. I am grateful for living and for everyone who inspires me each and everyday. I write because I am living.

  2. such sweet words... can only come from a poet.


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