Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today's Stories: Nana Awere Damoah and Nii Ayi Parkes

 Nana Awere Damoah
Nana Awere Damoah, the author of Excursions in My Mind, has published his latest book titled 'Through the Gates of Thought'. This book is a collection of stories, aphorisms, poetry and articles. Nana's literary exploit has taken him far and wide and his story 'Truth Floats' also appeared in the maiden edition of StoryTime's anthology African Roar

Nana receives his education in both Ghana and the UK. He is a chemical engineer at Unilever and still finds time to write. He is a family man whose closeness to his family led him to dedicate a whole blog just for his children. Through the Gates of Thought promises to be an interesting read. I would be interviewing the engineer, father, writer, author and man of virtues soon on this blog.

This new book is available on the world wide web through click here to purchase...

Nii Ayikwei Parkes
Nii Ayikwei Parkes's poem ballast: a remix is one of the six shortlisted poems from over 150 entries gunning for The Michael Marks Awards for Poetry Pamphlets. 

According to NAP he comes from Ghana and writes poetry, short stories, articles, songs and, sometimes, rap for all ages. 

In its second year the award celebrates the importance of the pamphlet form in introducing new poetry to readers in the internet age. Read about the award here.

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