Thursday, May 20, 2010

Boakyewaa Glover's Book Launch

Once again, a literary milestone is about to be chalked by one of Ghana's finest young writers, Boakyewaa Glover. I am one of the few pessimist who has always questioned whether Ghana is trailing behind other African countries in terms of literary talents. But the answer is fast blowing in my face (forget the cliche), if it hasn't already. 

Boakyewaa Glover is an Organizational Psychologist working as a Consultant in Atlanta, USA. However, he had both her primary, secondary and first degree education in Ghana. Whilst at the Wesley Girls' High School, Boakyewaa Glover was a member of the Writers and Debaters Club (I was also a member but was in Adisadel College, both of these schools are in Cape Coast). At Wesley Girls (popularly called Wey Gey Hey) she completed her first novel titled 'Basic Reality'. This was followed by 'Tendai' after she completed Gey Hey. In Tendai, Boakyewaa pitted science with tradition. The story explored the repercussions of a bio-genetic experiment gone wrong, when science is pitted against black magic. Here, Boakyewaa dealt with topics that are less written about in Ghanaian novels. 

After her first degree at the University of Ghana, She worked for TV3, though this wasn't her first time being in the media after having worked for Metro TV as a presenter for their smashing entertainment show Smash TV. 

Boakyewaa's short story, Unspoken Words, was published by StoryTime, a registered e-magazine whose first anthology, African Roar, has been published by Lion Press. 

Tomorrow 21st May 2010, Boakyewaa Glover is launching her third complete novel, Circles, at the African Regent Hotel located at the Tetteh Quarshie interchange at 7pm. 

The novel has variously been reviewed and ImageNations would do its best to review it. However, in the mean time, follow the link to read some reviews...

Her Book is available on the world wide web through amazon; however in Ghana copies could be obtained from the Silverbird Bookstores located within the Accra Mall, Legon Bookshop, KNUST bookshops, Shell Shops and Kingdom Bookshop.

Visit her webpage by clicking here...


  1. Well done Nana FA, for your support for African writers! I will be at the launch and will look out to see you...keep up the good work!

  2. I would try and make it. Hope I do.

  3. Congratulations to an obviously amazing and inspiring young woman! and NFA, yes, I totally dig what you're doing for the literary front. Grease!

  4. thanks NYA, I am glad I am being appreciated. Your words of appreciation keeps me going. Thanks very much!


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