Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mosquito Hymns

Seporowa tunes silenced my ears
as I danced Adowa with ancestral spirits
under that towering Awoonor’s tree
They sang somnolent hymns
and I was lost amongst the cityscape


Was it a puff from my dead daddy
or a two-tone tune from an unknown pack
Let Handel handles his Messiah
and the bees hum Beethoven’s fifth symphony

The seporowa tunes remained silent to my censored senses
as my lagging legs gyrated to some mystical lyrics
that mutilated the tone of our village’s voice



I paused to breath
to seek directions to the door
but here am I alone with some mosquito hymns
buzzing my mind in a relentless discord
of malfunctioning notes

June 24, 2007

*Seporowa is a local musical instrument

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