Friday, February 19, 2010


From that quintessential lamb
that multiple cell structure
formed within time’s womb,
our fractured minds

sailed through
blackholes and galaxies
timeframes and timelines

through stalactites
and stalagmites
of icy revolutions

through fractal rays
hidden within
ancestral catacombs

and then we are reborn:

a single-cell structure
with no mitochondria
to power our minds:

(Our inverted ontogeny
becomes the allegory of our being)

the consciousness
of our existence
perceived through
the lubs and dubs
in the heart of the city
and through:

Suicide Bombings
Missile Testing
God Killings.

In this Century
we are wiser by death.


Note: The poll above shows that poems and book review are two activities on this blog that readers would want to see but I think I have received less comments on the poems than on my articles. Please let me know what you think about the poems I post.


  1. The existing contrarieties in life, huh? This was deep (and long, lol!)

  2. I absolutely Love the way that you use & Choose just the right words 2 express your deep emotions! I can tell that I'll have 2 read it again 2 fully take it all in!
    Fantastic & inspiring! Thanku 4 sharing!

  3. @NYA, thanks. is it long? wait till you read some of my long pieces. lol...

  4. @Shadow Arcade, thanks for the compliments. I am humbled.


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