Thursday, February 11, 2010

Abracadabra, Adabraka

Abracadabra, Adabraka
you are in or you are out
you are with us or against us

but if the world is bipolar
and unlike poles attract
and if hell is fire
what would heaven be, ice?
then heaven would attract hell
and the chemico-spiritual reaction
would produce water
which is neither ice nor fire

Abracadabra, Adabraka
people are not mad
in every department
of their brains;
last night I saw
a woman raped
at the city centre
do habits die
with madness?

Abracadabra, Adabraka
there is nothing lingering
on the periphery
of my mind, yet
I did not allow this
nothingness into
my thoughts
what therefore is freewill?

Abracadabra, Adabraka
if there is a freewill
I would will myself
into a coconut
or even a goat
to escape god’s judgement of men


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  1. Hi Edward thanks! It worked this time round. Just wanted all my readers to know that I have not deserted them. I am just a bit busy and would continue to review even if I have to stay awake to read. I would do my best to start the review soon. Until then please enjoy some of my poems and please don't hesitate to let your thoughts be known


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