Saturday, April 25, 2009


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Poetry Anthology Reviews:
  1. Accra! Accra! More Poems about Modern Afrika by Papa Kobina Ulzen
  2. Breaking Silence - A Poetic Lifeline from Slavery to Love by James Robert Myers (Editor)
  3. The Chattering Wagtails of Mikuyu Prison by Jack Mapanje
  4. Cut off my Tongue by Sitawa Namwalie
  5. Dimples on the Sand by Henry Ajumeze
  6. Look Where You Have Gone to Sit by Martin Egblewogbe and Laban Carrick Hill (Editors)
  7. The Place we Call Home and Other Poems by Kofi Anyidoho
  8. Traces of a Life: Collection of Elegies and Praise Poems by Abena P.A. Busia
  9. Unjumping by Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva
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